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St. Stephen - Canada's Chocolate Town - www.town.ststephen.nb.ca

Why Canada's "Chocolate Town"?  The first Valentine's Day heart-shaped chocolate box was invested here.  So was the very first chocolate nut bar and the pink cinnamon chicken bone!  Hear all of their history and more when you visit the Chocolate Museum.  Take in the Heritage Chocolate Adventure Walk, see how chocolates are hand-dipped and even bring home some sweet treats!  St. Stephen is home to the world's only official Ganong Chocolatier, and at one of our special events you may even meet our mascot "The Great Chocolate Mousse"!

With your sweet tooth satisfied, there's more to see and do in St. Stephen.   Saunter downtown and along the waterfront.  Savor your lunch and decadent chocolate desserts while you overlook the historic St. Croix River at our American cousin, Calais, Maine.  Here, the river divides and the international bridge joins two good neighbours!  Marvel at the tides that rise and fall up to 7.6 metres (25 feet) twice a day!  Or for more of the 50's flavour head to the diner, where each booth still has its own jukebox!  Afterwards with a driving tour booklet in hand, check out the parks, gardens, and historic homes that makes St. Stephen special.

Take a stroll through our shipbuilding and lumbering past at the Charlotte County Museum.  Enjoy the successful Chocolate Fest and International Homecoming Festival.   Enjoy a round of golf at the local golf club.  Visit Dover Hill Park and Eleanor Deacon Ganong Rose Garden or paddle the St. Croix River in a canoe or kayak.   Shop for the chocolate-themed gifts, or take a short country drive to view the site of North American's first French settlement on St. Croix Island established in 1604!

Whether you're here for the history or to try the chocolate, St. Stephen has something for everyone to enjoy!

Serving as the main entry point into Atlantic Canada from the USA, St. Stephen is New Brunswick's busiest border crossing.  Situated beside Calais, Maine, St. Stephen shares a storied and unique history with its American neighbours.  Also located in St. Stephen is the St. Stephen Business Park, which is home to some of Charlotte County's most successful companies.  St. Stephen is tied into the NB Southern Railway network, allowing for an alternative shipping mode to major centres in the USA and Canada.   Further information can be found at www.town.ststephen.nb.ca or visit the Provincial Visitor Information Centre, located in downtown St. Stephen.

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St. Andrews by-the-Sea - www.town.standrews.nb.ca

Founded in 1783 by United Empire Loyalists from Maine, St. Andrews is one of Canada's oldest towns.  In the late 1800's hotels were built and amenities designed to make St. Andrews by-the-Sea the first choice in Canadian resorts.  Today St. Andrews offers all the features of a thriving modern resort, yet its streets remain steeped in turn of the century charm.

St. Andrews is home to many historic loyalist properties throughout the town including the historic Blockhouse, the Charlotte County Courthouse, Greenock Presbyterian Church and many historic residences.  Many of Canada's most prominent entrepreneurs have and presently call St. Andrews home.  St. Andrews is home to the Atlantic Salmon Federation, Huntsman Marine Science Centre and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Biological Station.

From lobster rolls to fine dining, seaside camping to five-star inns, St. Andrews is bustling with a variety of experiences.  Go sea kayaking, canoeing or watch the boats sail from Market Wharf.  Relax on the verandah of The Fairmont Algonquin Hotel or discover the natural beauty at Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre.  Tour the award winning 27-acre floral masterpiece of Kingsbrae Garden, or shop the numerous unique shops on Water Street.

St. Andrews is home to Vincent Massey Elementary School and Sir James Dunn Academy High School.  A campus of the New Brunswick Community College is also located in St. Andrews, and offers a diversity of programs to meet the needs and support the growing local economy and community.

St. Andrews quality of life is what residents treasure and which attracts visitors in this resort town.  Whether you are raising a family, operating a business, employed, or deciding to locate here upon retirement, St. Andrews await!

Learn about the Bay of Fundy on a whale watching or nature cruise tour.  Children can learn all about sealife at the Huntsman's Aquarium.  The Atlantic Salmon Interpretive Centre acquaints visitors with all aspects of the wild Atlantic salmon's history and biology.  Explore the history of St. Andrews at the Ross Museum or play a round of golf at the Seaside Signature Algonquin Golf Course.  Enjoy Canada Day celebrations with the largest fireworks display in the area.  In the winter months, go for a skate at the W.C. O'Neill Arena or join a recreational hockey or curling league.   Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll through our National Historic District or drive across the ocean floor to Ministers Island, you'll find it here in St. Andrews by-the-Sea!  Further information can be found at:  www.town.standrews.nb.ca

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St. George - www.town.stgeorge.nb.ca

Set sail from the "Gateway to the Fundy Isles"!  As New Brunswick's major aquaculture centre, there's aquatic adventure all around!  Go on a whale-watching tour past the scenic shores of Campobello and Deer Island.  Take delight in the sight of playful whales frolicking in the Bay while seabirds swoop and dive!  You may even see the rare right whale as your cruise the Bay of Fundy... one of the Marine Wonders of the World.

Explore the small town charm St. George has to offer!  Stroll the quiet lanes and trails.  You'll see why St. George is know for delicious blueberries when you visit fragrant blueberry outlets.  Stop on the Lower Bridge and take postcard perfect pictures of the sun setting over the old red mill in the St. George Gorge, and watch Atlantic salmon jump the nearby fish ladder.  Or catch a glimpse of sea bass, smelt and gaspereau as they swim by.

St. George is a town build on adventure!  Visit the Day Adventure Centre and kayak and canoe the spectacular Magaguadavic River.  Go for a swim or laze on the warm sand at Canal Beach.  Enjoy a day of bass fishing, even register for one of the many fishing tournaments.  Enjoy a stroll through the Ducks Unlimited Walking Trail.   Watch the marine activity of the Salt Water Basin from the Eagles Nest Lookout or go in search of the Lake Utopia Monster... if you dare!

Walk through the streets of St. George and see examples of locally quarried granite at every bend especially the historic post office.  Enjoy a meal of fresh seafood from one of the mouth-watering take-outs.  visit one of the renowned retail salmon smokers to enjoy local salmon at its finest, or one of the local specialty shops to purchase local crafts and blueberry products.  Or visit one of the restaurants and dine in style on succulent scallops, clams, lobsters or salmon all fresh from the wharfs!

Located only 40 minutes from Saint John, residents can enjoy the benefits of small town life, but also experience the metropolitan life of New Brunswick's largest city.

St. George is home to its own fully serviced industrial park, which serves the needs of expanding and new businesses.  St. George was one of the first municipalities to be serviced by natural gas, offering an alternative energy source to its businesses and residents.  For further information check out:  www.town.stgeorge.nb.ca

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Fundy Isles - Deer Island & Campobello
Deer Island:  www.deerisland.nb.ca
Campobello:  www.campobello.com

The Fundy Isles are comprised of the Islands of Grand Manan, Deer Island, and Campobello.  The Fundy Isles are situated in the heart of the Bay of Fundy and showcase history, small town atmosphere and adventure all in one.

All of the islands are accessible by ferry from the mainland.  The ride to Deer Island is a short and free one.  The ferry to Deer Island departs L'Etete, just south of St. George and runs every half hour.  During the summer months Campobello can be reached via the Island Hopper, departing from Deer Island.  During the winter months Campobello can be reached via the Roosevelt International Bridge connecting Campobello to Lubec, Maine.

The Fundy Isles are the ideal setting for the avid bird watcher, with the Isles being home to a wide variety of unique birds.  Simply take a walk on one of the many nature trails that help naturalists explore the islands in a truly fascinating way.  The Isles are also home to great whale watching, canoeing and kayaking adventures.  You can even take a tour to see the fascinating puffins!  Campobello is also home to a beautifully groomed nine hold golf course.

The economics of the Fundy Isles are increasingly diversified, but also include some of the more traditional industries that the Isles were founded on.  Visit one of the many wharfs to see the fisherman heading out to sea to fish for lobster, scallop and herring that have been the lifelines of the Isles for centuries.  The salmon aquaculture industry where thousands of Atlantic salmon are grown also helps diversify the economy.  Stop by one of the local shops or drop by a restaurant and enjoy a treat of local seafood or smoked salmon.

During the 1930's, Campobello became the summer home of many wealthy American families, most notably the Roosevelt's.  The Roosevelt-Campobello International Park is a monument to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, to that era, and to Campobello Island and its people.  The park is a model of international cooperation between Canada and the United States, and serves as further example of the shared heritage between the people of Charlotte County and Washington County, Maine.

Deer Island:  www.deerisland.nb.ca
Campobello:  www.campobello.com

Grand Manan - www.grandmanannb.com

For nearly 200 years, Grand Manan has been home to fisher folk and a quiet hid-away fir bird watchers, geologists, naturalists, writers, artists, and recently, whale watchers.   You have come to the right spot to "get in touch" with nature.  Both Grand Manan and White Head Islands very existence as communities lies deeply rooted in tradition and history, out of which springs a bond of love that is not easily shaken.   If you enjoy old world charm, courtesy and a break from the bustle of the mainland, this is the place.

Situated in the entrance to the Bay of Fundy, Grand Manan must be explored to discover its rich treasure of natural wonders.  From dawn to dusk, fill your days with nature - times goes by the tides.  Here is a unique vacation spot, or a place to call your own, prosperous and charming islands in the sea at their best.  Two permanently populated islands, Grand Manan and White Head, are surrounded by numerous other islands and rocky shoals, including Machias Seal Island, a seabird nesting colony and an island whose ownership is still disputed between the United States and Canada.

From spring nesting to fall migration, birdwatchers can reach for their binoculars with delight.  For the hardier, winter sea birding can bring immense satisfaction.   Painters, photographs, rock hounds and hikers find new stimulation for their creativity.  Whale watchers will be amazed at the sight of magnificent leviathans, including the rare North Atlantic right whale.

Drive or bike along 33 km (18 miles) of seaside road on Grand Manan, or take a short ferry ride to White Head and continue the adventure.  Quaint immaculate clusters of homes charm you with their individuality.  Leave the main road for fresh water lakes, meadows of wild flowers and miles of lush vegetation.  You will find islands of rare geography, on Grand Manan long sandy beaches to the east and craggy cliffs to the west on White Head, quartzite cliffs, bogs, and sandy beaches.

The economy in recent times, has expanded from traditional fisheries and tourism to include aquaculture, marine equipment, manufacturing, and sea vegetable processing.

Good food and accommodations await you on Grand Manan where you can dine on local cuisine and camp or stay in a cottage or inn.  You will arrive by sea and adventure will be waiting.  Further information can be found at:  www.grandmanannb.com

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