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Canada Real Estate Directory:  http://www.canadarealestatedirectory.com

Area Villages and Towns:

Town of St. Stephen:  http://www.town.ststephen.nb.ca    

Town of St. Andrews:  http://www.town.standrews.nb.ca

Town of St. George:  http://www.town.stgeorge.nb.ca

Village of Blacks Harbour:  http://www.villageofblacksharbour.com

Village of Grand Manan:  http://www.grandmanannb.ca

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Local Weather

Fundy Region Development Commission - http://www.frdc.ca

Atlantic Travel Centre

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Government of Canada - http://canada.gc.ca

Government of New Brunswick - http://www.gov.nb.ca

Human Resources Development Canada - http://www.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca

Visitor Rebate - http://www.visitorrebate.com

Statistics Canada - http://www.statcan.ca/

Canadian Federation of Independent Business - http://www.cfib.ca

Consumer and Commercial Law:  Business Licenses and Registration -

Environmental Regulations:  Recycling - http://www.gov.nb.ca/environm/index.htm

Training Assistance:

Provincial Department of Labour - http://www.gov.nb.ca/dol-mdt/index.htm

New Brunswick Community Colleges - http://www.gov.nb.ca/education/


Provincial: Small Business Directorate (Economic Development, Tourism and Culture) -

Federal: Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) - http://www.acoa.ca/


Provincial:  Sales Tax - http://www.gov.nb.ca/finance/tax/index.htm

Provincial:  Property Assessments - http://www.gnb.ca/snb/e/1000/1017e.htm

Federal:  Business Numbers, Corporate Income Tax, GST, HST, Payroll Deductions, Customs Registrations - http://www.rc.gc.ca

Labour Laws and Regulations:

Employment Standards and Legislation - http://www.gov.nb.ca/dol-mdt/index.htm

Human Rights Legislation - http://www.gov.nb.ca/ael/rights/index.htm

Employment Insurance procedures - http://www.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca/common/home.shtml

Provincial - http://www.gov.nb.ca/supply/index.htm

Federal - http://w3.pwgsc.gc.ca/

Workplace, Health, Safety and Compensation Commission of New Brunswick -

140 Milltown Blvd.
St. Stephen, NB  E3L 1G6
Phone: (506) 466-4324
FAX: (506) 466-3658

Serving Southwestern New Brunswick
Call Toll-free from US and Canada:

159 Water Street
St. Andrews, NB  E5B 1A7
Phone: (506) 529-4324
FAX: (506) 529-3881


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